about Miyuki UEDA 


Born in Fukui Prefecture, Miyuki Ueda was raised in Kyoto, the capital of traditional Japanese culture, where she spent much of her childhood surrounded by the world of fine arts. After graduating from Kyoto International Art College, Ueda moved to Tokyo to pursue a career as an illustrator and, within only two years, achieved success as an independent commercial artist. Ueda has since been acclaimed as the first artist to bring traditional sumi-e painting to the realm of commercial art, and during her career has produced works for clients.

One of Miyuki Ueda’s unique trademarks as a pure artist, however, is her demonstration of live sumi-e painting. Following the tradition of Eastern philosophy, she clears her mind of thought to perform her art spontaneously and in the moment. In a beautiful and fascinating display of the Zen aesthetic, ink flows from brush to paper in natural, balanced form and results in the simple yet elegant designs Ueda is known for.

2009 Creativity Annual Awards (Plutinum -Calender)